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50 orders reached but still remain Level 1

I just got my 50th order but I still remain as level 1 and i got all the good reviews. So I seek for customer service, the agent told me that once I violated fiverr’s terms of services. Its a honest mistake when i put authorized site in my profile to promote and showcase my portfolio. Addition to fiverr response, “that this isn’t permanent and over time with hard work, good performance, and no violations to our Terms of Service, your account may qualify for the levels badge.” Is someone there has the same experience? How long will it takes to level up?

If it’s been more than 30 days since your violation, try contacting CS and asking them to ask the Fiverr editors to consider you for Level 2, again. I think that you should be able to get the next level by now. I recently saw someone get demoted from Level 2 to no level for a similar reason and she was promoted back to Level 2 in only a couple weeks. In other examples I’ve read about, it usually takes a month to get Levels back after demotion.