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50 sales before level 1?

I am trying to go for a new goal! 50 sales before I get level one. I have 7 days left and 8 gigs to be ordered. Hopefully I can make it. I have been having so much fun since I joined Fiverr. :slight_smile:

Really? You’re having more fun than being a call girl? I’m not sure if that means the sex industry isn’t so great, or Fiverr is so fabulous~ I would think the money would be much better there than here.

I think it’s intriguing without judgement here. I could definitely see why people would enjoy the gig. Writing a good story like that is actually an art I suppose.

Oh, I wasn’t being judgemental. @eclients says in her profile she’s an “escort”, which is a service within the sex worker industry. I’m glad to hear she’s having fun on Fiverr, I just figured the money wouldn’t necessarily be better. But there’s no question: sex sells!

yes but at 28 years old you have to realize you can’t do this job forever and I have always loved writing so…

Reply to @eclients: I love how you snuck in the word “screw” into your profile. Very “punny”. Was this intentional? :slight_smile:

~lol~ Good catch, @cheezees!

@eclients Not that it matters, but your profile says you’ve been “in the industry” for 7 years, since you were 18. And that adds up to 28? Good thing you like writing, and not math~ /:slight_smile:

Reply to @celticmoon: ha ha. I wrote that when I first started writing. I just copied and pasted my bio from my website. I didn’t realize it had been so long since I wrote my first story. I guess I should have found Fiverr a long time ago!

Reply to @kitsaros: Thanks kitaros! I hope I can achieve the goals that you have set for yourself. Good for you.