500 Business Cards Printed for $5


There’s a company near me that’s running a promotion on business cards and I wanted to share it with you guys, but I don’t think posting links are allowed. Is that correct?


Wow, does that include shipping too? I believe on the forums it is alright to link… but I’d wait to confirm with someone who knows for sure. But I see people link to their blogs and FB pages here before…

But that’s nice of you to think of others!


Yeah. I’ve seen links too, but I think Fiverr is a bit picky. There’s a shipping fee for those outside of the Metro Detroit area. I was able to pick mine up so my total was only $5.29 you can’t really beat that deal. :slight_smile:

I’m kinda scared to post the link though, but the company’s name is called Imax Printing. It’s located in Ferndale, Michigan.


Smh. Oh well. I tried.