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$500 chargeback! (UPDATE: Another $400 chargeback)

Once again…that nightmare came true! Buyer charged back 2 orders worth $500, 1 month after rating (5 star) the orders. Of course, fiverr can not do anything about it. This is not something in fiverr’s hands but man…Not only lost $500, even my “Completion Rate” dropped. Such a bad start to the day! Agh!


Sorry bro, that’s sad

Next time try to do less value orders e.g $250 each, instead of one $500 one’s - especially if its a new seller.

I too I’m always skeptical about large value orders unless its a buyer I’ve worked with before.


It wasn’t one single order. 2 orders (from same buyer) worth $500 ($300 and $200).

:open_mouth:it would be happen too?


Too bad for you! :frowning:
Can’t even imagine losing that much without any reason. Hell, that’s a lot of money from my point of view. What can I say about it, Fiverr is bound by law when it comes to chargebacks. Moreover, life is full of unfairness and that makes it fair! :persevere:

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Why you did nothing about it ? are you okay with people stealing from you and your hardwork? go take a screenshot of every conversation and of their 5-star review and send it to PayPal CS, if you did nothing wrong you could get your money back, go contact cs about this and see their opinion.


It seems to be a paypal charge back… just check the buyers account still active or not.

If it is not active its a paypal charge back and you open a ticket to fiver and make a complain… Some times you can recover it from fiver.

Most of the time, that is not enough. Fiverr is bound to PayPal, PayPal is bound by Card Provider and so on…

PayPal will help you as much as possible if you wish to dispute a chargeback, but the final decision lies with the credit card company.

Policy everywhere, which brings more frustrations. :frowning: However, trying to do the right thing isn’t bad.

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UPDATE: I contacted CS before posting this. They told me that they will review user account and fortunately they managed to add funds back to my account. This is the last response from CS: I’m happy to inform you that the funds for these two canceled orders have been successfully added to your account.


WOW! First time hearing something like that.:heart_eyes:
Well, that’s an exception among exceptions. I guess that’s something a TRS deserves!
Bookmarking the thread, it’s a da** history. Congrats on getting the money back from PayPal Chargebacks.

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It sure is. In my fiverr career at least 15 out of my 6K orders were charged back. Only 3 (including these 2) refunded to me. MAY BE fiverr responded to dispute (on paypal) because order was rated.

Unfortunately “completion rate” drop stayed.

PS: First chargeback is the most painful one :slight_smile: Then you get used to it…lol

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totally a huge lost do’t have any ides what to say

It’s not a long thread.
Read the posts before posting a traumatic one which can turn out to be the funniest one. :joy::joy::joy:

Same goes for you too. lel

Wut? :smile:

Maybe it’s happening because I bookmarked these thread.

Are You guys blind? I better stop criticizing. Don’t wanna get any attention. I’m off! :mask::face_with_thermometer:


Looks like some forum users are getting paid to respond to threads. They open random thread and type random things. Well, now I know what I should do in my free time.


Think about it, it’s fun. Having some people around you who can do some funny stuff for free! Although there’s a FUN section available on Fiverr. Who wants to miss? I don’t. :smile:

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I am literally done now. Another order cancelled, it was completed and rated 2 months ago. Worth $400. What is going on. My “completion rate” is also dropping. Huh! This is such a headache.

PS: This is a different buyer.

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Damn another one :hushed:

Prime example of why I don’t do large orders on Fiverr. I just don’t have the time or resource to waste.

Contact CS again… though I’d feel a little like I’m annoying them at that point

This is why my prices are $10, $20, $30. Why I don’t want an order for more than $50. Not worth it! I’d rather deal with a $20 chargeback than a $500 chargeback. I’d rather spread the risk.

If Fiverr wants sellers to charge more, they’re going to have to do something about this. Maybe some kind of seller insurance against chargebacks. Maybe whenever an order is $100+, 5% of that goes towards a general chargeback fund.

Or maybe Fiverr needs to make chargebacks impossible. I don’t know how, but there was to be a way. For example, Fiverr could hire a collection agency to go after anyone who does a chargeback. Nobody likes dealing with collectors, and they can hurt people’s credit histories.


it seems that fiverr does get the money back from Paypal and give the seller their amount if it’s a large amount. I’ve heard of them doing this before.

Is this just the case with Paypal and not bank transfers? I stopped using the Paypal withdrawal feature because of the amount of shady buyers doing this very thing. I’ve not been burned… knock on wood… and I don’t want to be.