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$500 Custom Price Quote from Gold Rated Seller

I’m placing an order for a $500 custom seo job from a gold rated seller. Is there anything I should know about custom price quotes since there is zero description of the job provided? I trust the seller. I just want to know the general fiverr process. Thanks.

I know. You Trust the seller.

Note: It will be better to contact the seller first.

Most sellers rather being contacted before placing any order.

2) Note that becuase it’s a large sum for security reasons make your account ids safe. (i.e. password, paypal email if any etc.)

3) The fiverr process goes like this: Search for a gig you want. Purchase it. Submit information to the buyer regarding what you need done. The seller completes and delivers. You provide a rating. >> Your happy.

Note, if you want to place $500.00 at once, out of experience to secure your money place it installments. However it’s your choice.

I hope this message helped you,

Best of luck,

:slight_smile: Joe

The Creative Guys

Reply to @thecreativeguys: Information is submitted to the seller. I’m not sure what you mean by keeping your account safe since it is a large sum. Have buyers been known to have funds stolen on Fiverr?

The custom quote feature (which is currently exclusive to TRS’) works in exactly the same way as an order. If you feel as though the description is vague, ask the seller to resubmit their custom quote with complete detail of the work that will be carried out.

You’re protected either way; don’t worry.

Thanks to all for the comment. I’m sure the transaction willl be absolutely worth the investment and I appreciate the comments. Fiverr rocks.

Reply to @cheezees: Is there an issue with that?

Reply to @thecreativeguys: I don’t understand your question.

I am asking if this has happened to buyers. It is a scary notion that will turn away MANY people and would need to be addressed immediately. I’ve heard of sellers with funds in their account being hacked but not buyers. Did this happen to someone?

Reply to @cheezees: No.

Reply to @thecreativeguys: Pardon me? So you made it up? Why would you do/say that? Please, be careful with your advice! :frowning:

Reply to @cheezees: Never. Ever. Learn from something. I was just stating that you might as well secure your info es. when it’s a 500 buck order. Please do not aggravate this comment. It was to help. Help and only that.

And you know how many times buyers had issues with sellers regarding large sums…

I’m sure the seller is going to do a decent job when $500 is on the table knowing you can easily take that away with one click of a modified request