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500 Internal Server Error - Can’t Access Any of My Orders

Hi everyone.

I am unable to access any of my orders right now. When I do, I get redirected to a page saying “500 internal server error”.

I went into an incognito window to see if people can still purchase my gigs, and they are still showing up in search, however, when you click “checkout”, it goes to to the 500 server error page, but only for one of my gigs, my most popular one - the others work fine in terms of that.

Nonetheless, I cannot access or deliver any of my orders currently.

I am not sure what to do right now. I tried different browsers, the mobile app, VPN to try to get onto a different server connection, nothing worked.

Is anyone else experiencing this?


Try clearing your cache and cookies.

Already did, no luck.

Update : Seems like the problem fixed itself - all good now. Very weird.


It may your internet problem or browser problem so try to remove browser history and cookies then try may work.

I had the 500 internal server error show but when I refreshed the page it was gone. It’s not you, it’s fiverr. It was when I clicked on the “orders” heading.


Happening again now…and right when I’m uploading deliveries… :roll_eyes:

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I just got that one a few times.

Same thing happened to me…Bur now everything is alright… :smiley:

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