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500 Internal Server Error - Is Fiverr down again?

Are you guys receiving the 500 Internal Server Error right now? It seems that the website is down, I was trying to send a delivery but it’s not working…

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@donnovan86 same problem is here bro, what is it actually, any idea ?

Try refreshing. I had an error with the analytics page quite a few times but it seems okay now.

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yah, i got it, now its working


It means that there’s an unknow server error on one of Fiverr’s servers. If you have a VPN you could try to reach another server, by choosing a VPN server in a whole other country that’s far away from you. The problem has nothing to do with you or your computer, which is a good thing at least. If I was you, I would make sure to take a screenshot of the error (including the time and day in the lower right corner of your screen (if you’re using windows). This way, you can use the Resolution Center on any order and provide both Fiverr and your buyer with this screenshot, if you have to deliver as soon as possible and your time is about to run out. Both Fiverr and your buyer should be able to understand such a difficult situation. Especially when the problem has occurred on one of Fiverr’s servers. Just don’t try to send the delivery through any other service or through mail, since this is considered as a break of Fiverr’s ToS (Terms of Service)

Have a great day, hope you’ll be able to deliver your work soon!

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nice, very informative!

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