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500+ positive reviews?


If I want to hire someone, but they have 500+ positive reviews (most of which seem to be auto-generated ‘outstanding experience’ and zero negative reviews…is that a red flag? Should I still consider hiring them?


Completely depends on the context of the items being sold. If it is SEO, maybe… :thinking:


Book cover design. Link removed as requested


Thanks for the link, but please remove it as you are not allowed to link directly to a specific seller.

The reviews are not all automated, on that particular gig you linked.

Best thing to do, is to open a dialogue with the desired seller, so you can gauge at least something by having a conversation.


Thanks! Appreciate that.


No problem.
Good Luck :thumbsup:


Ofcourse you should see its very difficult to generate reviews like this, People buy reviews usually, So there shouldn’t be more than 3-4 accounts reviewing him 70%, In order to confirm you should see the places from where he is receiving reviews and if reviews are not coming in line* a lot of buyers give me this kind of response and i am always happy with the gratitude i am receiving in stars. :smiley:

For example: My latest review was the order of $30 pretty difficult task with 2 days of time frame, I completed everything in 7 hours only, Buyer was extremely happy, Was telling me how great i am i thought this is gonna be one long detailed review.

Left 5 stars only :stuck_out_tongue: Because i neither solicit nor i force them to review its upto their wish and their experience. So u can check the location i bet one cannot buy 500 reviews so easily, Check his joining year as well 500 reviews takes some more months :smiley: around 10 months i guess but its all about fate and quality buyers.

A lot of 5 stars only reviews are mostly there on graphics designers because of source file downloading thing, People accept and review just click 5 stars and refresh page in order to download source files, Once they download it they are not able to change it easily infact some of my buyers couldn’t find it so they let it go :slight_smile:


A lot of my reviews say, “Outstanding experience,” and that’s it, too. I think that’s the automatic text if someone clicks five stars and doesn’t type anything. They mostly come from my regular customers who probably ran out of original things to say after the first three orders. There should still be a decent mix of original-sounding comments, through.


If they were auto generated spam fiverr would have already banned them out.


Fully agree with you. I have a lot of “Outstanding experience” too. So i’m sure that it’s definitely automatic text if the field is empty after submit 5 stars.