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502 Bad Gateway server issues?

Keep getting the good ole 502 Bad Gateway error msg, you guys doing “maintenance” again? LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

pathetic, getting this error since last 2-3hrs.

I’m getting 404 not found too, when trying to access anything except the front page! And the whole error thing happening quite often. [-(

What’s going on with Fiverr, seems everyday something like this happens, annoying to say the least? :frowning:

I also get this error pretty often.
20% is not enough, I guess, to make the system stable.
I’ve had bad gateway problems in my experience when database is overloaded, when php works with nginx through proxy and doesn’t respond fast enough (system is not powerful enough to handle too many requests).
Interesting, how many people are using fiverr everyday now…

I just put it down to server admins going on extended lunch breaks, LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe Fiverr is made with Ruby on Rails, and it’s said that RoR has some scalability issues.
I think they changed the system architecture last year making it more modular, to make it more scalable and improve the performance, but it seems they still have to fine tune things.