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502 bad gateway!

Is it me or all people have no access to fiverr now ???

it’s everybody, they making some changes weeeeeeeey :-?

i have been in contact with a buyer :frowning:

It works for me, but it’s clear they are updating things on the forums and on the main site so I would expect brief outages if I were you.

Same thing around here, Can’t access to FIVERRR

Same thing happened to me earlier today. It took a couple mins before I could sign in.

If you have to figure out if something is down, here’s an easy way to figure that out:

Is It Down Right Now? Website Down or Not?

that site is wrong again the same error went to the site , the site says its up and ok , and the users in the comments say its down, and it is down.

I’ve had a couple late deliveries because of the error. :confused: Good thing the clients were understanding.

I am fed up of this issue. Now, almost, every day website goes offline and clients were complaining about my late replies. Fiverr developers @ Are you aware of this issue? Are you working?