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50th 5***** Review In The Bag!

Hello Fiverr’ss

Well eat my shorts, I did it straight up. And only took me a few months.
My fellow Voice Over talents/actors.
I’m not going to write a long winded post as to why I’m doing fairly well in this saturated market.
But here is my internal mantra.

  1. Stay up all night if you have to get it perfect to YOUR quality.
  2. Never sacrifice quality during deadlines. Do it today not tomorrow.
  3. Be firm with buyers, they like a nice down to earth approach.
  4. Have a niche, you won’t do well with out one.
  6. Control your ego, see above
  7. Remember they are buying from you because your awesome, suppress line 6 as much as possible.

Thanks for sharing your things :slight_smile:

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