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51 and Counting!


In Fiverr V1.0 I’d constantly contact buyers in the buyers requests section. I’d say about 40% of the time I’d make a sale. Now on V2.0, I have lost that revenue stream. I have sent 51 requests and have had 0 orders created from them. Anyone have any tips?


Nope, not really. I have had the same results as you. Previously in the older version when I did buyer requests I could send them a more custom request. It’s much harder to convert someone to buying your gig with the newer buyer requests it seems. Perhaps because it’s much easier for everyone else to request to the person as well. In other word’s it’s a lot more competitive and I think you have to be right up there on top with all the others sending their requests. So i think it works out for Fiverr as more people can request easier thus converting more sales, but the competition is much more now that most everyone can easily send a request without having to come up with a custom response.