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550+ reviews...Worried about gig


I am very worried about my gig. Please give me suggestion about my gig.
Looking for expert answer!!

These are my suggestions:

Gig: I will recreate your logo, convert to vector ai png in 2 hrs
In the gig description:
Where it says “Are you looking to convert your logo into high resolution in vector format without any blur then you are at the right place” - maybe it could be 2 sentences with a question mark for the question or you could say “If you are looking to…then you are in the right place”.

It says “unlimited revision” but none of the packages have the number of revisions set to unlimited.

Instead of “I recreate/vector trace you all design manually” you could say “I recreate/vector trace all designs manually” or “…all your designs manually”.

The FAQ says “Can I delivery my work in 1-2 hours?” - the buyer would be more likely to ask “Can you deliver the work in 1-2 hours?”


Thank you so much for great suggestion!!

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