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56 Orders Completed Still Not Getting Level 2

I have completed 56 orders with 99%, but still i am not getting level 2. What might be the reason?

This happened to me, too. The system has a delayed response of at least a few days before it automatically promotes you, but if it goes on more than a week (like it did for me) then you should contact support to get it fixed. I created a help ticket and they fixed it the next day.

Reply to @dsaidov: The automated system is designed to work as you described but for a variety of reasons it doesn’t always work. Promotion is often delayed. Most of the time promotions happen between a few minutes and a few days after the seller is eligible and just patience is required. If it takes longer than a week something else is wrong and a CS ticket should be opened.

Make sure your account is 2 months old. If everything is fine then contact Customer Support.

The system is not delayed. It checks if you have 50 orders+ at the time your account is 2 months old. It doesn’t matter if you have 200 orders, if your account is a week old, you want be promoted.

I had to contact customer service for both level 1 and level 2. I think you have to wait 61 days from joining fiverr to get level 2, so wait a day or two and contact customer service if it still isn’t updating :slight_smile: They should get to it fairly quickly.