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58 buyer requests sent but no order received till now

I was sent 58 buyer request but no order receive till now. So I am very frustrated. Now, what can I do for get an order? Can anyone suggest me, please?

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You need to send more untill you got some order.Dont frustrated it’s take time but you will reach your goal.use social media for promote.



What kind of text are you sending with your buyer requests?


Thank you ajaykaran9211.

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Hello Sir/Mam,
I am a professional WordPress Developer. I read your post carefully and very very interested to do your work. I can/I want … Please send me a message for more discussion about the work.
Give me the better requirements, I hope I will give you my best service. I believe that you will be extremely happy to work with me.

Best Regards-
Md Farid Hossain (This kind of text)

I’d suggest cutting out the “Sir/Mam” part, and just cutting straight to the chase with a friendly “Hello there!” A lot of people are put off by being called “Sir/Mam”.

Also, I’d cut down the fluff, aka the parts where you talk about how happy you’ll make them in an abstract sense. Give them a detailed breakdown, a detailed plan. For example, “I see that you require someone who can do […]. I’ve worked on similar projects before, and from my experience I think you should…” Specific responses show buyers that you care and have read their bid.

This should assure them that you’ll do a good job, not the fact that you’re telling them that you’ll do a good job.


Thank you very much for your grateful suggestions.

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You keep using this sentence in your proposals and gig description. Why?
It’s grammatically incorrect and I’m not even sure what are you trying to say here :slight_smile:

Anyway, your offer doesn’t say anything about the request. It’s a template and that’s why you’re not getting those jobs. Give it another try and send us your next (improved) offer sample.