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5th Anniversary Week of my Fiverr Journey


My short Story : I had joined fiverr at 19th July, 2013. Experience was great - lots of UP & Down "that’s like heart beat.
I had get level2 in the first year.

I have seen many new updates on fiverr, Many updates has been very successful tools for sellers and Few has been withdraw by fiverr.

Total Earning in 5 year = 28000$ to 2500 Order completed!

Overall great journey.

Edited Add-on : I have a very basic question to all -

    Because When will you do quit to here and apply for job in Real Market - They will ask you to provide Experience Certificate - Could you get that to here?

It’s Very interesting.


Waaw @fast_editing
That’s awesome .


Congratulations! I hope you can continue to be successful in Fiverr and that you can continue to work for many years!


Congratulations! It is good to hear your story :grinning:


Totally great achievement. Kudos!


your story is an inspired for us, happy to hear about your journey, hope you will do better than your past :wink:

@(Happy Freelancing) :slightly_smiling_face:


Great! Congrat’s. And what an achievemnet!! Really big inspiration for us. Keep it up.


thanks all :slight_smile:


excellent :smile: keep learning , keep earning


What a great journey!! congrats.


thanks :slight_smile:


That’s great. Its really inspiring. Best of luck and keep going :+1:


Depends on the country, and how you present it. You could say you had your own business, and got clients online, and you can talk about what sort of work/services you provided.
I think no one needs papers and certificates nowadays. (if they do, it’s not a great company to work for)


Great story and achievement! :+1::+1::+1: