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5Tips for buying gigs from a New sellers

I will tell you about the thing that you have to confirm before ordering something:
1)Have experienced?
2)Have Any Deere or certified in your work?
3)Available all the time
4)Ability to understand your task in better way?
5)Good Skills

I am trying to educate the people in fiverr i can say that buy my gig but by a better one…:slight_smile:

Hi @ranaaliabbas.

Could you please expand on your points a little bit, I’m interested to know more. :slight_smile:


Why not I am not sure how to expand the points bcz I hv experience of presto expert not fiverr

But you posted some tips for buyers. You should be able to expand on these points if you are offering advice. But, oh well. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Gibberish isn’t tips, mate.

I will try my best to answer your tips well,

  1. yes.
  2. yes.
  3. every day.
  4. always.
  5. average from 1-10, I am in 9.5pts

I hope this resume can bring me to the :slight_smile: , Thank you for your posts, I love it!

Most of this doesn’t make sense. You might need to get some help writing your ideas in improved English to make these useful. I understand people think that just posting anything might bring viewers to their profiles, but it really doesn’t work that way. The post isn’t right for the Tips category as-is, but I’ll move it to Conversations and perhaps you can discuss it further there. Good luck.

You should try to educate yourself first before trying to educate other people. Take a look at your own post here, analyze and observe it. If you are smart enough and humble enough you will know that you are not ready to educate others, just not yet.

Thank you.

It’s literally just the tip. :wink:

I love your Comments Thanks!