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6 Canceled orders in row



I had a client who placed 6 orders and canceled them right after with some lame excuses like he found a better solution and I didn’t messaged him right after he placed the orders or that my gig requirements asked for something else and so on. In my gig it says clearly to message me before placing an order which didn’t happened of course.
My opinion is that the buyer wanted to ruin my profile and my stats by canceled orders.
I contacted support but as always 0 support from fiverr… they told me to just agree to cancel :expressionless:
Beside that my cancellation ratio will increased my stats and ranking will be affected they deny it…
This is not the first time I deal with trollers and fiverr support does nothing to them.
I’m tired to give fiverr 20% of my profit and receive 0 support.

What do you guys think about this? Does this happened to you? How did you deal with? Did support helped you in any way or they just tried to get rid of the situation like in my cases?

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These things happen. I’m not sure what you expected support to do for you? A buyer is well within his right to request a cancellation. Mutual cancellations don’t affect your rating, so we’re told.


Placing 6 different orders and canceling them right after with the reason I found another guy who does it cheaper doesn’t seem to be my fault so why should I endure the consequences?
If it happened to you I’m sure you won’t agree on " these things happen" when it happened several times already before…


I am sorry. It stinks. But what are you going to do. I wouldn’t worry too much about the cancellation since it was initiated by the client.

I had a client once who placed a $200 order and asked me to cancel it because he wanted to get Fiverr credit. :tired_face:

Take a deep breath and try to forget about it :wink:


Been there, preached it but nothing changes. I also have in my gig instructions to contact me before ordering - it is ignored, they order and 99% of the time they provide me information that I can’t work with or use. I practically have begged CS to come up with a better way to no avail.

I don’t think that every gig needs to be contacted before ordering – but some gigs I think it is needed to ensure there are no issues before ordering. Consequently I proposed that the feature for having someone contact you before ordering is optional and it can be applied or not applied per gig depending on your gig needs. Basically the feature would allow the seller to set a gig where a buyer would need to contact the seller and the seller would need to reply at least once before an order could be placed. If I had such an option for my gigs, I bet my cancellation rate would be 0.

But I dream on. If anything it is worse. Now after a mutual cancellation a buyer can provide feedback to CS similar to how they rate you when a gig is delivered. The only difference is the mutual cancellation feedback does not show up in your profile – it is for CS eyes only.

  1. Make sure your buyer sends the cancellation request.

  2. Tell your buyer to not to order anymore. Yesterday I noticed that the same buyer that demanded a revision had done the same 3 months ago. So I told her, “you never like my work, you always end up demanding a revision, then I have to give you a refund, so do me a favor, order from someone else”

P.S. You’re lucky you didn’t have to do any work. Yesterday I ended up giving 3 refunds. I lost $20.


did fiverr take action against him?


No I didn’t report him since he is a regular client. He is very desperate for Fiverr to roll out a feature which allows clients to load credit into their Fiverr account and saw this as his only way to get it.

I don’t think he realized that it has a negative impact on a sellers account until I told him.

I have been here for a little bit over 2 years and let me tell you crazy things happen ONLY on Fiverr :sweat_smile: you just have to learn to deal with it, if you can’t Fiverr isn’t for you.

On that note HAPPY FIVERRING everyone :heart_eyes: