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6 hours since gig accepted - no views


It’s been 6 hours since my gig was accepted - still not one view… How long does it usually take to receive views?

Thanks, Liam


I’m just gonna share my experience when I just signed up on Fiverr. I signed up on Fiverr around 8 weeks ago, my first gig didn’t get viewed the first 24 hours I created it, and I didn’t get any orders the first 2 weeks I joined Fiverr. When you’re new to Fiverr you really need to be patient, especially If you just created your gig a few hours ago. Make sure you offer a unique gig and make sure the title stands out to attract people to view it.


Thanks so much for your comment… I suffer anxiety/depression and me not getting any views was really distressing for me…

I understand now I just need to wait…

Thanks so much, Liam


Try and distance your anxiety/depression from Fiverr as much as possible. It can be a minefield here at times. Focus on the long game, and that’ll get you through any humps.

Why not add more Gigs and get your fingers in many pies? You have a great username, yet I don’t see any logo Gigs. Perhaps you’re in the process of creating them.


Agree with joethorn.

I read a tip from a level 2 buyer or maybe a top rated one that it’d be a good idea to create many gigs (keep in mind not to create just any random gigs, make sure you can deliver the work when an order is placed). Wait for a few weeks and se which gigs sell and which ones don’t. Keep the ones that sell and delete the ones that don’t.