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6 Logos for 5$!


I have just started my new gig today which is designing 6 logos for 5$ in 24 hours check it if you want

and for any recommendations please let me know : )


Hello @goldenpharoh goldenpharoh. From my 4 years experience on this field, with over 7.2k positive reviews on Graphics and Design Category, my advice is not going so hard from the beginning with 6 logos for 5$. I mean, I do understand what do you want to communicate with your deal, but you don’t sound serious at all with 6 logos for 5$. I mean think about if you really do deliver 6 logos the chance most of them to be clipart or free vectors is pretty big (I assure you this is how a buyer would think). Try to see what big sellers are offering on their gigs and go in that direction, with 1 or 2 logo variations, not with 1000 because your gig would look suspicious and not professional at all. I mean I don’t think you would buy a car for 5$ or a house for 5$ right? Quality items or services cost real money, so don’t sell yourself so cheap because your work will be automatically perceived as cheap. Hope it helps!



I totally agree with @davidtiberiu. I would never take a seller who sells 6 logos for 5$ seriously.
I know you want to get orders, but maybe this is too much and it could hurt your business :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your advice I will edit it soon

but the only problem is I asked before here and a lot of people said that i have to work nearly for free until i build some customers then edit my gigs


I know you weren’t asking for this, but there are a few typos in your profile. “under-graduated” should be “undergraduate,” another part should be “are some of my favorite hobbies,” “software’s” should be “softwares,” “customer’s” should be “customers,” and Egypt should be capitalized. Just wanted to help you out a bit :slight_smile:


I will change it now thank you a lot :grinning: