6 months and no sells


I think I will leave fiverr in order to work in order think because I can’t stay in fiverr without making any sells.


be patient brother. it happens. share your gigs & pass time as you can in forum.


I shared my gig in a lot Facebook groups, I sent a lot of offers to many buyers, I changed the description many times but no feedbacks​:sob::sob:


share your gig not only in fb but also in youtube ,pinterest, tumbler, reddit, twitter, linked in, google plus (there ate thousands of communities in G+), instagram, you can do blog marketing


Why don’t you share your gigs here and let’s see what’s going on with your gigs?


check my gigs


Describe you in one single line. pls fill up this option which located under of your profile pic.


Thank you for your advice


u r welcome brother… wishing you a good luck


Thank you very much​:heart::heart:


You will get order ASAP. Be patient.


My patience is gonna to be over
Because it’s 6 months and no results


Never give up! Marketing is really important when freelancing. Sometimes it takes consistency and self-promotion in order to get the outcome which you’re seeking.


I did all what I can but no orders


Have you researched different ways to promote and market yourself on Fiverr?


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Your gigs are really good


Yes I tested many ways to promote my gigs


Thank you! I’m looking forward to getting my first order!


Good luck!
I’m also waiting my first order