6 months and no sells


How can we help you?
We don’t know what you do in FB? We don’t know what kind of offers you send?

There are sellers that send 100 offers and don’t get a single reply.
And then there are sellers that send 10 offers and get 5 replies. The difference comes from the actual offer they send.


I shared my gig in Google plus and Facebook groups whose have a related content with my gig.
When I make an offer I told the buyer what I can do and I made an good deal with a good price


You shared your gig and nobody bought your service. That alone should tell you that either your service is not good enough or your shared it with wrong people.

Why are you going to Facebook anyway? There are thousands of buyers here that are interested in translation service. All you need to do is convince them that you’re one of the best.
And let’s say you find people from FB, they come here and see that there are way more established sellers here. Why should they pick you?

OK so let look at your gigs.

Your EN > FR translation gig

  1. Does your cover photo explain what you do and why should buyers choose you? I’m checking your competitors that are using videos where they speak French. I would pick them.

  2. Is your gig description really reflecting your experience, value and proof that you can translate from EN>FR?
    I have a good experience in translation and writing in some languages like English, French and Arabic.

Is this the best you can do as a writer? Good experience in some languages?
When I check your competitors I can see actual certifications, published work & samples. I would pick them.

All we know you might not speak French at all :smiley:
There’s no proof. No video, no samples in portfolio, nothing.

Joking aside, you’re competing with sellers that have put much more effort into their gig. They have spent some time reading this forum and learned how to sell their service. With the gigs you have right now it doesn’t really matter where you promote it, your competition is doing much better job.


Thank you for your advices :heart::heart:
I will change my strategy


be patient bro…


I recommend you improve your English. A lot of buyers don’t even consider using a Seller unless their English is perfect.


That’s true, not only about grammar, it is about attitudes.


I’ve been here for more than a year and I guess I received my first gig after 16 months,the good thing here is you just have to understand the fiverr’s platform,invest your time in your gigs content,increase your SEO,be always online,show things that you’ve done,not only says what you can do,I was also struggling and since I got my first gig recently,I always check for buyer request,I try to use them all (10/day) and I ask people when they contact me on fiverr to like my gigs even if they don’t buy kindly,Anyway I still look forward to progress and Have more sells …hope that can help you…


you not alone since july…i even want to cry::sob::disappointed_relieved:


I think you have make some good gigs then you currently have


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Same problem. 4 Month , No order. Fully Depressed