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6 Months as a Fiverr Seller - it's been Emotional, Interesting and Rewarding!

When I started on Fiverr, I didn’t think this would be anything more than a part-time way of getting a little extra money. After 6 weeks, my attitude was hugely changed and I wrote this post where I explained about how I carried out my work here. It was also the point where I knew there was a lot of potential to earn more if I applied myself a bit more:

So now, 5 months after writing that post I am pleased to share that following my methods has continued to work. I have averaged over $1000/month in that time from Fiverr alone. Other income comes from other sources but Fiverr has become my main source of clients and income.

I can’t add a lot of new tips to the post I shared above but I can tell you the effects of it.

As a regular member on Quora, I often get asked questions about starting as a writer/proofreader etc and most of the time I point them to Fiverr. What has Fiverr given me the opportunity to do as a guy who started as a translator, proofreader and writer?
Look at what it has given me, it’s is pretty impressive for any startup:

Worldwide exposure - I have sold to clients in 24% of the countries in the world and have regular clients such as a hotel chain in Italy, a locksmith in London, a health food producer in Canada and a plumber in Australia. I communicate regularly with people in Macedonia, Finland, South Korea, Brazil, Morocco, China, India, Israel, Russia and Belarus as well as the more well known European countries and the US.

Sheer numbers! - My 5 gigs have, in total, been seen by over 80,000 people in 6 months! Over 7,000 people have clicked on my gigs! How much would that exposure have cost if I was running a Google ad campaign? I can actually tell you roughly. The type of work I do is highly competitive on Google Ads, running at between $2 and $4 per click. Average $3.00 = $21,000 to get that many clicks… Wow!

Consistency - I have gained regular clients who have given me work from the start including one who has bought over 15 times and other clients who began with translating or proofreading (my main gigs) and ended up hiring me for small business and startup consultancy (which I have a good background in but don’t usually offer here).

Variety - I have complete variety in my work, working on projects as diverse as writing tech manuals to writing descriptions for different popcorn flavors, from editing an autobiography by a recovered heroin addict to writing a book on how women can benefit their relationship by giving a man space. Translating gay erotica and editing a report on dredging in the North Sea were two of my more challenging projects but for very different reasons!

Community - Being involved in the Fiverr Forum has been a great part of this adventure! Seeing how others in my position are doing, what they struggle with, what they excel at and giving and receiving advice makes this solo practitioner’s job a little easier. Thank you.

Of course, Fiverr is not perfect and there are a number of things about it that aggravate me (which I mention almost daily in comments here) but when you look at the positives above, it is difficult to argue against the fact that Fiverr is a great place to be a seller.

Best wishes and thanks to all for a great 6 months,

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Congrats. Hope to get there one day

Congrats Eoin. Keep it up! Hope you will have even more milestones!

Well, it’s like you’ve been around forever…just 6 months?

Congrats: I spammed here but it was deleted for me.

Seriously? This man is trying to share a motivating/inspiring story, and you spam his thread like this?
I looked at your gigs BTW from another post, you might want to use you own original images and not use those free templates you can find online if you want success here.

I am 90% sure those are kuvasz.

All things said and considered, Eoin is the Master Yoda of Fiverr Forum. I’m just shocked he’s been around only for 6 months.

Congrats man, Fiverr has always been a fun place to see new things each second since it’s started. However, it’s a professional gig community now but those days were gold when we used to see such funny stuff which used to make one’s day! Happy selling :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing your story, it is very inspirational to a newbie like me.

I’m going to have to remember the $21k bit to nobble someone with when they moan about a lack of exposure… great post!

Yeah, it does seem a lot longer, in a good way!

I think it’s important that we all recognize the milestones we make, it serves as a motivation to keep going when the work is tough or we have dealt with a difficult buyer.

I was genuinely shocked to see the figures, I don’t check my 6 month stats very often but there is genuinely a staggering amount of traffic generated on Fiverr. It’s probably worth noting that the chances are, Fiverr clicks probably convert higher than Google Ad clicks as the initial trust is there for buyers when using Fiverr whereas it can be difficult to get people to buy directly on your own site.