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6 Months In - Lvl 2

Hey there,

I don’t know whether this is any help to anyone getting started or maybe wondering what it takes, but today is 6 months since I started on Fiverr and it happens to be the day I got to 100 reviews - all 5 star at that.

I am level 2 and while I’m a hell of way from getting that 20k earnings mark to even be considered for TRS, I’ve bagged Fiverr’s Choice, Rising Talent and been able to steadily increase my prices to make it so this is a viable earning option if all else fails.

I work on it daily, I tweak my gigs if impressions are low and I remove any that are pointless.

If I can do it, this many years after Fiverr apparently already having had its best years, then so can you.

Happy to answer any questions to help where I can. Just thought I’d shout me out and show you what you can expect too with less than a year of time.

What other jobs can you do, that will see you progress so fast relatively speaking.

Big up Fiverr


Great job!

Meanwhile, I have two orders close to completion, and if I wrap them up both in 24 hours, I’ll level up in a night.
…Otherwise, I’ll have to wait a month for that. :flushed:


Well stop writing here and kill them :wink: good luck pal.


Only had to finish the first, got tipped 15 and 10 respectively on a previous order and one of the new pair.

Level one threshold reached in a little over six months from my first order. Not bad! Hope it’ll unlock as the new day comes. (Sorry for wanting to steal the spotlight, a thread would be redundant for this… :sweat_smile:)

Great work buddy. Glad to hear you hit the homer

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