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6 months on Fiverr and still 2 orders.. Need help

How can i promote my gig,I have video, good description and title, i share it on Social networks but still no orders… Where is my wrong, please give me reply.

Thank you

Defloy Designs.

order one of the 5 dollar drive traffic gigs. it can be junk traffic, it doesnt matter the quality of traffic because people just want to see that others are looking at your gig. hope i helped.

Hello, well looking at your gig everything is wrong.
You need to give good title,good gig description of what you can and what they can get for 5usd also you need to search on gigs ranked high on front page or gig that comes first on the category you selected. Know how they give description and lastly to be ranked high of for you to get order put in the right tag and always deliver what you have really said.
How this help.Good luck on

First, you sell some traffic and ranking gigs so you (happytreefriend) might benefit from your own advice but @defloy_designs won’t.

There is no sign that Fiverr search is based on junk impressions. Other buyers have no way of knowing who looked at your gig, only who reviewed it.

On the off chance that a gig made it into Google search, junk traffic might hurt it, not help it. This one isn’t very important since most gigs aren’t affected by this either way. Anyway, no offense to @happytreefriend (seriously) but I don’t think this advice is sound.

I love what you guys shared here.
Please am having the same problem.
I need someone to show me how to sell my service.

A buyer isn’t likely to buy without reviews since they can’t tell if they like your work. Make some comments on niche blogs and take screen shots to use for samples. You can show some sample work in your gig images but to show more, make a slide show with screen shots, save as video and use it as a gig video.

Thanks for this.
I will do that

Please review my gig and tell me how I can improve it. I have made videos but it always gets denied…Please review my gig … I still haven’t gotten a single order.

Same Problem Here… No orders for a long time :frowning: