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6 orders and 3 cancellation

Hi guys, I recently have my “first” order. but, there is a bug within the app that make my buyer make multiple orders (5 at first). the price is only $5 but we decided to make 2 cancellation. then, the buyer make a mistake and make 3 instead, so I declined the last one. AGAIN there’s an error! something like the requirements isn’t completed, even though he/she already completed it. SO in the end, I make another offer. 3 cancellation in total :(. Like is it okay though? Does it affect anything? Screenshot_2020_1128_093012 What would you do if you are me??


instead of deleting the order you should discuss the buyer and request to helping team to do that
it cost u even you cancelled. u should know the rules about cacellation

You should contact customer support regarding this matter because canceling affects for your gig search results.

yes it’s my fault, i just go straight to selling :frowning:

okay thank you very much :"