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6 Selling tips for newbies and experts alike

hey what’s up sellers!

I know there are posts worth a dime a dozen when it comes to fiverr tips but as a newbie seller, I gained some experience on how you should be selling on fiver. Please note that what works for one seller may not work for others. Here are the tips:

  1. Value first, revenue later. Understood that as a new seller you are frustrated to see less to zero sales. Buthang in there. Provide value. Convince clients that you are the best and provide value when they order.

  2. Gig videos are always helpful. Be yourself. Smile. Be confident. Buyers need to see how confodent are you in selling yourself.

  3. Be human. Have your own unique xover photo. Not the one on social media. Should be professional but not the one shown on ID CARD. make sure you are smiling and reflecting confident in your photo.

  4. Buyer requests are golden nuggets. That’s how I got my first client on fiver. Within 24 hours of publishing a gig aa a new seller on fiverr, I landed a client for $50. Yup! I responded carefully in his request and instead on tauting my experience I tols him how can I add value to his work. He responded back saying:

“You are the most expensive seller with the most expensive offer in my request but you seem to understand me and my business. Let’s proceed”

  1. Customized requests. All sellers are unique. Focus on that uniqueness. And so are ALL buyers. Respond to every request with a custom quote. Every buyer has unique needs. Sont use a canned proposal with a copy paste offer. Focus on hoe you can solve their problems instead of touting more on your experience.

  2. Don’t agree on everything. It is great to listen and agree to customers but you are not under any obligation to do a lot of things for $5. Unless you are really really desperate for a 5 star review go ahead and sell for $5. Otherwise if the work definitely invokes research and s fe hours, make sure thst it is competitive yet reflects on your time. If your client disagrees, be polite and give him reasons to charge him higher. If he still persists on $5 then simply dont agree because some clients are here to exploit. They keep on sagkng thst $5 is their budget as everyone is offering them servixes in $5 and why you in $10? Even if that means letting off of some potential clients dont worry, be patient as true buyers will definitely pay more for value.

Hope that helps!!

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thank you! :slight_smile:

I’m new here. Can someone please start from the onset? I am a seller, created a gig, promoted it and I’ve read the fAQs, but i’m yet to understand where to begin from. How do i get buyers? What is an order and where do i get it from? I guess i midsed out something in the support section. Thanks in advance

Nice one…@Saeedwriter

Hello. Create your gig and respond to buyer request. Your gig is searched from the search engine on fiverr. Amd people will order once they get to your gig or profile page

It would be really difficult for you to make a stand on Fiverr if you are looking for someone to spoon-fed you everything. Go ahead, use Google, search for it. The question is already answered 100s of times.

i am new seller with experience of 2 years in php html css wordpress and js.
but no one hiring me bcz i am new.

As long as someone is helpful and ready to answer, questions are allowed to be answered a thousand times especially for those who are new. That’s the essence of a forum. The first place one would look for answers about an organization is in the FAQ section not Google and a helpful person is definitely not spoon feeding, he’s providing a service which does not require anyone’s opinion. Thank you

Buyers request. Apply for everything you think you can do EXCEPTIONALLY WELL. Use their words when you apply. So if they ask for a witty writer, ask them if they are still looking for a witty writer.

It also helps to sell gigs that people want and need.

Good luck. C👒

Hi! It could be your grammar. You have an extra comma in your money back sentence in your bio. People may think you cannot write or that you are not thorough and they may not hire you because of that. Suggest: edit your bio and respond to buyer request with no grammar errors! Good luck!! C👒

Yes very thank you

Hello, wait a minute either am not understanding something here, or someone is economical with the truth. I must admit that am new here but that notwithstanding, my account has been active almost a week now, and I haven’t received a single order, to crown it all I don’t see any request from the ‘‘buyer request’’ section but I do see about 3 to 4 sellers posting their offers there which I thought is against the fiverr TOS. …Correct me, if am wrong.

Good tips. Thank you
Have good luck!

Its true some sellers post their offers, which is not right. Its Fiverr’s job to stop them. Remember you have to optimize your gigs, reply buyer requests and be patient. Orders will come. Believe in yourdelf.

Very nice tips :slight_smile: Thanks for the sharing

Good tips!

Very important tips.thanks saeedwriter.