6 Tips You Must Know To Increase Sales In Fiverr


Hi there , I am Neel Chowdhury . I am in fiverr for last 1.2 year . At the very beginning i was earning nothing on fiverr like others where doing . So i get frustrated and did not used Fiverr for a long time . It was a mistake by me But suddenly when i was looking on gigs on fiverr i found something strange . I started to think beyond the normal track . And now for last 3 months i am earning 1000$+ only from fiverr every month . And As a student it is huge for me . Now i am providing some tips that i used to get this result . There are so many top seller on fiverr they know much and i know little but you can implement this and will get benefited .

  1. Make Unique GIG : Make a GIG of service that has demand on market but crowd of sellers . OR you can pick a Gig that is common but make that special by writing some Cool in title So that Whenever some see that he/she must enter into that gig . It is So simple . Write i will do something awesome , or so cool, premium designs or superb and something like that .( Do not copy any other seller gig )

  2. Enhance The Beauty Of gig : Enhance the Gig property by writing the the gig in Cool Way . Write all the features by yourself and never copy paste . 1 Gig can have unlimited features . Do not let 1 feature down . Think on the other track . The Much feature you will add customers will like that that much .

  3. Add cool Gig Image : Add so cool images or high resolution images that is eye catching . Use tags in the image names .

  4. Share GIgs daily : Share your gig 1 once a day in FB, Pinterest, tumlr and Google plus . These are great Source of traffic .

  5. Add a Video : Add a Youtube video on that same name that your gig have . If topic is cool then you may get unlimited traffic .

  6. Post As Advertisement : Post your gig as advertisement in your site , Blogs etc . Trust me traffic will come to you as money .

    This is all for today . Hope it will help the fiverr sellers .


Great tips! May I use those tips above to make a video like this one? It will be really helpful for Fiverr sellers


thanks for great post


You are always welcome .


That was really helpful for newbies like me…



Another post just Copied and Pasted from an article Off Fiverr.

Please help keep this Forum as a place to share information, tips and ideas provided by real Fiverr users, not a place to simply Copy and Paste from sources outside of Fiverr.

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Reply to @voiceoverwork: I did not copy this . My own hand written words are these . How can you say it dude ? someone may have copied mine but i did not copied .


Awesome tips, I am thinking of making a blog to help promote my gigs, and I saw that on your list!