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6 Top Tips to Drastically Increase Your Fiverr Sales

  1. on your client Offer Something Unique

[ Are a lot of gigs on Fiverr, and lot of variations on the same concepts repeat over and over so you can offer something unique with your client ]

  1. Offer gig Upsells and Extras feature

[upsells will be targeted at specific audience, not just general add-ons people would need You can change what they are and what they cost whenever, so if you find an upsell is effective but too expensive you can change it ]

  1. Get excitant feedback from your client

[ Feedback attract on buyers example : Two sellers with the same service, one with 60% positive feedback and one with 95% positive feedback. The 95% positive will most likely win the sales.]

  1. Keep Your Title Shorten for better understand.

[ shorter a gig title is, the easier it is to understand and parse order immediately ]

  1. Write a Very Detailed Description for better understand.

[ you have to strive for concise clarity in your descriptions as much as possible ]

  1. Introduce your service through a vedio description.

[ A good video is relatively easy to introduce your serrvice and it will dramatically boost your sales. Fiverr’s internal data says that video descriptions increase sales by 220% ]


Are your tips getting you a drastic increase in your Fiverr sales? :thinking:


Thank you. It will help us!


Yes, It has helped me increasing sales at fiverr. that’s whay i am shearing with Forum.

Thank you


Welcome and you can apply this thing.

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7: Make sure your grammar is easy to read and correct.


That’s right! It is a best tips.

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You have 3 sales…


I think you can try for better performanc.

Thank you :heart:


Yes, i am just joining previous month @marinapomorac

Ok, thank you for your Valuable suggestion @j6nyc6

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Really? Because you’re not even following your own tips…

You’re offering Shopify sites, one of the most heavily over-saturated niches in Fiverr. In fact, 3 of your 6 gigs are offering the same thing. What’s unique about your offering exactly?

You have 3 reviews.

Your titles are things like - I will do elementor landing page and squeeze page for nonprofit or educational website

Which is fine, but it’s not short, despite you advising people that this is what they should be doing. Your other titles are much the same.

Not one of your 6 gigs has a video intro.

So you’re basically parroting advice that you’ve read somewhere else. Which would make sense, as by your own admission, you’re new to Fiverr and have essentially no experience here. Why not focus on growing your business, rather than repeating generic advice? (advice you obviously don’t actually believe in, as you’re not even willing to implement yourself)


Also, looking at one of your gigs - something I’m finding really (genuinely) confusing that you might be able to clear up.

What was your involvement in the ‘Riverside Cottages ALF’ website that you’ve included in your live portfolio?

Did you build that website for the client?


Thank You…


Thank you for your Valuable time spending.

I am appreciate you are pro seller in fiverr, but this is not true only pro seller knows everything, sometimes New seller gathered more knowledge and then comes in fiverr.

One more thing I had an account in Fiverr level 2 seller, for some issue fiverr it has been disabled. this is my new account.

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OK - so which is it? Are you a new seller? Or are you a veteran seller who lost their account? You can’t be both…

Also, that still doesn’t explain why you’re advising people to do 6 things, but not doing most of them yourself. That was the question I asked you. Why are you advising people to do things, that you clearly don’t believe in?

Why was your account closed? Support don’t close accounts for random reasons.

And did you get written permission from Support to open a new account?


I haven’t seen any increase in sales for having a gig video, no matter how descriptive it is. And long gig descriptions are boring to read, so they should be kept short and to the point to not make your potential buyer bored or potentially skipping reading it altogether, expecting perhaps a different service than what you are offering (Seen this myself).

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It’s a no. of reviews not an number of sales… :sweat_smile:

Well it’s still a pretty good indication that this seller shouldn’t be sharing tips on how to be successful.

If it’s not 3 sales, it’s 5-6 at best, if you take into account the average number of sales that actually get reviews.

@atiq_rahad I am sure you got excited that you got some sales in, no matter how few.

I am also certain someone told you that writing on the forum will make you more money or make you look established to buyers or something to that extent.

But I don’t think you are in any place to share advice just yet.

And this is my advice to you: work on your stuff, be honest and be active in the forum if you want to learn and grow like the rest of us.


I have many clients which don’t give the review, when the work is completed they gone. Recently i had complete 3 orders but no one give review. Any suggestions??