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6 year old fiverr user , not get orders from last 2 months

Sachin here working with fiverr from last 6 years and its like bread and butter for me , my full time business .

from last 6 year i earn well from fiverr , recently in 2019 i am not getting orders gigs impression and click goes down day by day .

can you guys please put your suggestions to increase sales ?


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To get order first make your gig order, check buyer request and sent buyer request, prompt your gig to social site , then fiver will boost your gig and you will got job easily

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If you’ve been here for 6 years that means that you should know the system much better than most of people on this forum.


hehehe thankew :slight_smile: ,

Is it possible, i don’t believe it :roll_eyes:

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yeah i face this experience first time :frowning: .

It is also happened to me. I’ve been here in 5 years as a freelancer but I didn’t get a new order or even a new message from the last month. I really do not know what’s going on here? I’ve been trying to promote to social media, change my gig description, or even create a new gig. But none of them work for me. I am a bit desperate here :sob:

same here , i also didn’t get any of message from last 40 + days . well hope for good :slight_smile: