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60/60 is full fill but not possible sent buyer request

Hey hi. My fiverr is show 60/60 days last 2 days but thia rating is not show N/A. I wait last 1 month for this days. Becouse my rating is 2.3* and that why i did not sent buyer request. Now my 60 was complete so why i did not sent buyer request now?


you can message on fiverr support and tell them your problem and details, fiverr can solve this instantly.

Please help you fiverr support team and tell them your problem.Fiverr recently solve your problem.Thanks

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but how can i sent message fiverr team.i did not fiend it. and i search in youtube that how can i sent message in fiverr but i did not fiend it. can you tell me how to message with fiverr with a screenshoot

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Hi, Yasin
Hope you are doing fine.
Go to at bottom page of Fiverr. You will find Help and Support option then click > new page click Gig policy > go to bottom find Submitted a Request on Green box and click > and follow

but i have another problem. how can i submit my type of problem. becouse they are show to fill up box. but i did not fiend my type of problem option.

Yes. You select Order issue and below 2nd box select General inquiries> 3rd select Other then write subject and write in details about your problem and summited.

See the image: Screenshot by Lightshot


hey this show a order id?what is order id and how can i fiend it. and when i sent submit it show " action fail please try again"

BR and 60days do not work like that. You need 4.7 rating. Ratings do not change over time if you do not have orders.

Your statistics for ratings do not reset at 60 days.

Your warnings and delivery time/response time changes (reset after 60 days), but not ratings.


Though I think the message is that you need a 90% positive rating, which I think means 4.5 stars (90% of 5), unless they actually mean 90% of rates need to be positive (but I don’t think it’s that).

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