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60 days as a new seller on fiverr but no order

Today, 60 days have passed to my Fiverr but no order has been received yet.
Please tell me what I am doing wrong. You go to my profile and tell me what I need to do now.

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Some people spent more than that at the beginning without receiving any others and their level 1 and even top rated seller today.
Advertise your gig on social media.
Send all the 10 buying request daily
Reduce your gig price to get some reviews. You can increase it later.
Be active in this forum.
Pray if you believe in prayers.

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Hi! I created my first gig about a week ago. I have looked a lot into the successes of other people that have been around longer and did get orders. And I came to the conclusion that when you search on Fiverr for the service you provide the people who get the most order will most likely be on the first page. So I think it would be smart to try to get yourself on that first page. You can do this by giving your gig accurate search tags. Adding videos to your gigs can increase the number of orders you get too

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Suggest you remove “best seller” from under your profile image.

Also you refer to “we” and “us,” and then “I” in your profile description, which is confusing to a buyer.

Also check out the competition in your categories re pricing, as new sellers usually lower their prices until they move up the levels.


Pray if you believe in prayers. LOVE IT!:heart_decoration:

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You’re using 2 different names.
In your profile you say “Hi my name is agustin” but in your book cover gig (“I will design a professional book cover”) you say “I am priti, I specializes in creating high quality book cover”.

If you use 1 name and make sure the gigs are quite unique as well as in-demand that could help.

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I am here to learn better ways of improving my gig too. I find your points quite supportive.
Thank you!