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60 days of vacation mode [2014 - CLOSED]

I’ve just found out that vacation mode has been increased to 60 days. :slight_smile:

I think this is a huge step in the right direction by fiverr. What do you think?

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Happy to hear that!!

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Reply to @eddycloyd: I would love to know what your system is! I’m terrified of taking vacation days but really need a day off once in a while. I don’t want my rankings or listings to drop, however, because I really need the business and I’m on a roll so far. Having a short delivery time seems pretty necessary to getting clients, too. What do you recommend?

Where can we see how many days we have left? I haven’t found that yet.

where is the option in fiverr ?

Sellers Rejoyce!

no order my vacation is always and automatic on i want it to offfffff

Fiverr are always improving, this is fantastic news.

Reply to @inspiredtony: It has definitely been updated. It might take a little while to refresh on your account though.

Max Yesterday at 09:15

The amount of vacation days has indeed been updated to 60 days. You should be able to use vacation mode again shortly.


Max - Fiverr Customer Support

i just checked mine and its still one month max…

i’m not aware of this , i thought it used to be 28 days right?

good to hear… but even if I am on vacation I wouldnt deactivate my gigs.

Startup companies and individuals who want to start their own business will be effected if I suspend my services down even for a day

Yep! Now I get to spend some time with my family over Christmas, after using all of my vacation days earlier in the year. :slight_smile:

This is great.

Good work Fiverr !

It also would be great when they will cut off that 0.5 for buyers.

Glad to hear about that.

I didn’t use this option yet. I think this will effect to go down my sales ofter the vacation. am i wrong?

I like it, this means next year it will be possible for me to take on more large orders without having to suspend all gigs.

Let us remember why this actually happened.

Because we complained.

And when we complain good things happen :slight_smile:

So complain :slight_smile:

very happy with this update :)!!!

Reply to @mrproofreading: mine has not changed