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$60 in exactly two weeks and I am picking up speed!

My freelance writing is really taking shape, and I can see myself living off it alone by December. I started on Fragglesrock and realised it was possible to make some cash online. That was February. Now I am on Fragglesrock, Fragglesrock, Fragglesrock and Fragglesrock. I also have stuff on Fragglesrock and most other writing sites. I never considered Fiverr and wondered why people slaved for $5. Here we are now with nothing but a raving good word about Fiverr. I haven’t made much, but 60 in 14 days and increasing is really not bad for a start. Hooray!!

That’s wonderful!! Keep up the good work. :slight_smile:

Wish you very good luck :-bd

Thank you people!

hurray, congrats, am a writer too, and earning from Fiverr have been good so far

Thanks Julipalmer7 and seowriterluv. Let’s take this as far as we can.

Nice work, well done.

grate news, keep it up

Thanks guys!

Reply to @work_in: It is best to keep discussion on the Fiverr forums to the Fiverr website and your experiences here. It isn’t always possible for forum moderators (sheriff’s) to check out every site mentioned and the forum Do’s and Dont’s (at the top of the page) request that you don’t discuss other freelancing sites. Good luck!