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60 offers sent but no order!


i am new seller at the beginning i was very confident about the orders and now i did’nt get single order makes me sad.
what should i do!


please at first try to favorite your gig and everyday send buyer request


doing that every day but no responce from single buyer made me sad…!


please at first select best keyword to create this any gig and


i did’nt get what you wanna say.please will you repeat!
if you dont mind


Read topics about how to make a good request, use good grammar and you will see the difference.


If you want to convert the BR offers you send to actual orders, writing a really nice/impressive BR offer helps. This forum thread :arrow_down: will help you out with that:


Brother be confident…! and work hard write best request. and wait I won my first order after sending 130 requests…


I realize this is very painful.


very painfull…i open my account every time and hoping for pink dot on messages option,but every time it made me sad…
but i will not give up…i will keep struggling and hope for the best…


yes i will not give up working…


okay i will.
thanks for advice dear!


Nice tips for the sellers having no order.


Suggest you do not address others as dear, brother, mate, friend, etc. as lots of people don’t like it and it will put many buyers off.

Definitely not to be used when replying to Buyer Requests!


Hi,when I started on fiverr last year in march .I had send out near about 300 BR without gotten a single order through it.but I have just completed my 300rd orders on thing is that be patient try u best.time will come when gets lots of order.BTW if u have skills.


Don’t Worry Mister… Send More and More Request as U can Do … I hope At 150th Request You will get Order.


300 is not small number when we are discussing about sending offers to buyer…
BTW i appriciate your patientce.and got lesson from you…thanks


hope so!pray for me!


This means your words /service fees/ service delivery time are not enough to draw the client inside.

Please improve.
I got some tips for you.


i am trying my best to make the offer concise and to the point.
hope i will get orders soon!