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600 Word articles!

I will write a quality article for your personal or professional use! I have a 100% rating, with most of my ratings coming from customers that were so happy with their articles they came back for more!


For quality that’s the quickest,

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again ? c’mon. if i buy one will you stop posting the same gig over and over again? :smiley: yeS? YES ?YES!!! ;D

Reply to @biancha: Sure, I would love for you to buy one, that’s the point of posting here. Also, I haven’t posted in two days. The closest of my earlier posts is at least on the second page. The customer that has bought 90% of my gigs found me on this forum when I first started. I’ve heard horror stories of people not getting their first sale for over a month, and I feel lucky. Then again, I don’t believe in coincidence. It was because I actively posted on the forum.

Also, do you like anime? I mean, your profile pic is, but my friend is an artist but only reads manga. I’d love to recommend or get some recommendations of anime if you are. I am looking for a new series to start.

I don’t even know what anime is, sorry.

Reply to @biancha: It’s not everyone’s thing. Basically it is Japanese Cartoons, but there’s more to it.

Anyway, if you wanna buy an article, no pressure but…Much pressure! Lol :wink:

Reply to @bigmish: japanese people make cartoons? thats weird.

Reply to @biancha: Pretty good ones too. Your profile picture is actually an example of their art style.

Reply to @bigmish: it is? i dont know cartoons sorry. What is cartoon? japan cartoon is not the same?

No. American cartoons are different from Japanese ones. The Japanese cartoons, or anime, have characters with larger eyes and crazy looking hair. They make even just normal everyday characters have like blue and purple spiky hair. Some of the most popular are Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon. Some that I would recommend if you ever decide to watch any (I don’t know how old you are. Generally anime is targeted toward teen to college age people.) I suggest Baka and Test, Attack on Titan (Violent) or Sword Art Online (The Best ever, in my opinion.)

PS How’s my slogan? It is a soft rhyme, but I thought it sounded good anyway. :slight_smile:

@bigmish, @biancha

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Reply to @regency85: tou cough 2 much , for $5 i will give you medicine :slight_smile: :heart:

Reply to @regency85: That is bueno! For real, you are a poet!