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600 word limit for $5 translation

The seller is telling me that my 563 word document will cost $15 to be translated but advertised that they do it for $5 up to a 600 word limit. How do I file a complaint about this?

Submit a ticket to Customer Support.

Or just choose another seller.

Just got for another seller. What do you realistically expect Fiverr to do? Have you asked the seller why they are asking for $15 when they advertise $5/600? They may have a reason and may have poor understanding skills (which is a bigger red flag if you ask me). I will translate it for you for $5, but I will use Google Translate. There you go! Problem sorted. If it involves English and most romance languages, I’ll even be able to tell you if it looks “OK” depending on my semi-expert guessing eye.

There are some standard things that people charge extra for in translation.
For example:
Maintaining formatting - for documents with tables, multiple fonts, text sizes, etc think of the average CV for an example of when a couple of hundred words can take a lot longer than usual.
Technical language - self explanatory.
Extra fast delivery.

Basically, like every other service out there, if it’s off standard then it costs extra!

But it’s 40 words under the listing, Eoin! FORTY WORDS!

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