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600 word professional article for only $5

I am an editor for my local paper, the Courier. I love writing, and would love to write an article for your personal/professional use. Please message me if you have any special requests!

please stop spamming the forums i have seen 3 of the sames articles in the last 20 hrs.

and this one im writing in.

Seems a bit desperate ,let the gigs flow.

Reply to @biancha: Sorry. Desperate is a bit of a loaded word. I prefer…eager? Anyway, I’m a bit of an insomniac, and I wanted to try different approaches to posting. Seeing which title and description was the most eye catching. Also, it is relevant to this forum sector, and 20 hours is a long time. I hope you took the time to scold some of the others with repeat posts. :slight_smile:

Have a good night,


You realize most of the post dont actually have any information but a link to your page?

If you are eager to get gigs rolling why dont you put a little effort to it.

I mean your gigs are about writing articles so you should not have any problems writing nice and good looking posts here at the forums.

Scold people? Im just poiting out the obvious.

Reply to @biancha: First, the link to my page is the information required. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I included my credentials, and the reason as to why I would be a superior choice compared to other similar Gigs. Those are simply hooks that intrigue the buyer. Look, I won’t post as much. I’m just trying to attract buyers the best way I know how, just like everybody else. Whatever your opinion, it is starting to work. Can we let bygones be bygones on this one? I get that my last post was a bit sassy. It was late. I’m sorry about that. :slight_smile: