64K Impressions But No Sales Why?


My new gig “replicate your logo or text on 14 different styles” having 64K impression but no sales Why? Any reason

What to expect when you got 1000 impresions of your GIG?

ok thanks for the information…


I thought this may be a typo “64k in impressions”, but after a few searches I’ve come to the conclusion that this is actually real. My impressions have not even exceeded the 1k level. Not even close. In fact my impressions have seriously tanked as of late since leveling up. How are people getting so many impressions? (this is an opened question) I know impressions aren’t page views and clicks or sales but they certainly help. What am I missing?


I’ve promoted my gigs off-site through webpages, social media, forums, onsite through gig promotional offers and still generated just under 1k at best and at present not more than one-to-two hundred with many falling well below that. I’ve even done keyword research and implementation, so I’m not sure what else to do short of using a picture of a beautiful blonde or brunette staring seductively at the camera or shaking my around in my skivvies. Any suggestions? I know you’ve been here long enough to have seen it all. :slight_smile: I’m still relatively new, and I’m pleased as pie with the way things are going, but less is more doesn’t apply in terms of sales.

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I am also a newbie here (only 1 month old), but from last week itself i used to promote my gigs on facebook groups (having morethen 1.5 million people). So it might be the reason that i have got 64k impression.


I just looked at your gig(s) from a buyers perspective. (I am also a buyer) I would like to see more than just one example. I think a video would also help you sell.


I think it’s bug, Same thing happen to me many times


this is from a sellar’s perspective, can i ask from a buyers perspective what you perceive reading my two gigs: I’ll write your about me and evaluate your website. Many thanks.


After checking my statistics I can say that with having 700k impressiona my gig has only 1,2k clicks from impressions, so calculating gives something about 0,17% clicks of all impressions. It says that impressions don’t mean a lot.


Reply to @spike1: Could you please check out my gig as well and please review…

http://fiverr.com/sajilpl/replicate-your-logo-or-text-on-different-styles - See


Reply to @spike1: what is your perspective after looking at my gigs, “I’ll write your online bio and evaluate website”?


I think my stats are incorrect the numbers just don’t add up. I have only just added the gigs yesterday and have done no promotion of my own yet I have had 313 page views on one gig without promoting it


Reply to @websitegraphics: I think it might be some bugs just like mine…


I emailed the Fiverr support team about those weird numbers, I was having them too. They replied that basically it isn’t a bug, that gigs can turn up a lot in searches but not be bought.


Reply to @sajilpl:

Maybe it’s because you’re selling something that is not yours - which is illegal.

I noticed that your gig pics looks awfully familiar:


Then checked the licence:

"You do not have the rights to redistribute, resell, lease, license, sublicense or offer files downloaded from GraphicBurger to any third party “as is” or as a separate attachment from any of your work."

I think it is pretty poor of you for trying to get money off someone else’s work.


Get one customer and do good business with him. You just need one good customer who can do the publicity for you. Don’t go for the mass promotion, start slow, go with one customer at a time. SEO and social media bombarding is not always going to be in our favor.


I can also see plenty of other of your gigs, which look like you’ve done the same thing. Unless you can provide customers with the appropriate licence, then what you are doing is giving customers illegal work.


Reply to @celinedesigns: Better you just open a gig as an FBI agent for investigating other gigs (Dont waste your time for investigating others…), I just open this discussion for getting some help, but you guys are trying to push newbies down…


I am having proper license, you dont worry about my gig, you just mind your own business…


Reply to @celinedesigns: I am having proper license, i will provide it to my customers, you dont worry about my gig, you just mind your own business…