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690x426 px Gig thumbnail stretching in search results

Hi Everyone,
I read in fiverr do’s and don’ts that this was the appropriate size for gig thumbnails or in similar ratio. But even with these dimensions my thumbnails are stretching even to a point where I can’t see some part of the picture in the thumbnail.This is getting really annoying.
I would really appreciate some help here. Thanks


Do you have a screenshot of the incorrect image on the search page? It looks about right when I look in the Fiverr search.

Though it does say “scaled to 270x162” on the search page which is 1.6666:1 and not 1.6197:1. but it’s quite close. Also it might take a bit of time for an image on the search page to update if an image is changed.

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@uk1000 thanks for replying, I thought this would go un-noticed. I do have the screenshots. That’s 690x426 px as seen when it gets clicked.

And that’s 690x426px as thumbnail. Its so stretched that the circle is only half visible.

I have played around with sizes after posting here.So what you are looking at now isn’t as bad but still it’s stretched.

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I want to correct myself.It’s the same dimension ratio but I have moved the circle to the left.

The best place to report a bug to get it fixed is in this link:

So show them the screenshots and mention it’s cropping and maybe that it’s not the same aspect ratio etc.

Until any fix is made it’s best to just make sure any important parts of the image aren’t too close to the edge. ie. are in a safe area.

I have contacted CS before. They said there is no problem with the gig xD

It’s not a problem with the gig though you’re telling them there’s a problem with the images in the search results cropping gig images and maybe not being shown at the correct aspect ratio (eg. they’re scaled to 1.666:1 instead of 1.6197:1). So tell them it’s a bug in the way it displays images in the Fiverr search page.

edit: Firefox says the image in the search page is 330px × 220px (scaled to 270px × 162px).

So if it was recently you could add to that support ticket or maybe create a new ticket if it was a long time ago specifying the problem with the search page images.

Sure. I have contacted the CS again. I’ll make sure to tell them this.

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I’ll try one with 1.5:1 ,maybe that’ll work xD

That’s how it’s stored for the search page (as 330x220 pixels) but it gets scaled to 270x162 for display according to Firefox.

And if you make it look right in the search page it probably won’t be correct for the other pages like the profile page. Fiverr should really fix it so it’s consistent wherever it shows them (in terms of aspect ratio, not cropping etc.).


Same thing here. Matching the suggested (fiverr) aspect ratio doesn’t help.

Did you find a solution? @sheharyaranwar