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6k impression 156 click only 2 order

Can anyone please suggest me I got 5k impression in 7 day and no order just click my avarage click on a gig in a single day is 15+ but not getting order what I can do my gig is ranking on top so please tell me if you suggest me to edit the gig how can I rank again?

5k impressions is a lot.
If so many people saw your gig but didn’t click or buy, that means that there is something about your gig that is pushing people away from buying from you. So you need to look at your gig again


I got 156 click but no single massage also what I can do please suggest me

I already did :point_down: I’ll copy paste it


Yes I understood you but for this I have to edit my gig and that will de rank my gig so if I go any order In future after editing my gig will rank or not?

No one can promise you if your gig will be deranked or not. It might it might not.

However are you ready just to sit on a gig that doesn’t bring you sales at all even if it’s on the first page? How long do you think fiverr will show/rank your gig if it doesn’t generate sales?

It’s up to you what you will choose to do

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I have gotten like 2 order from 50 impressions. I think your priority is convert leads into order rather than maintaining impressions. Maybe edit gig in one full swoop rather than fixing in chunks. Work faster before fiverr place you in the back.

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I think you need to do attention to your Gig Images, Description and Prices.
Thank You

My price is quite low then other getting click now my taught is description … now If I edit my gig it will derank so what to do?

If I edit my gig it will derank what I can do

If I edit my gig and then took 1/2 order with 5 star from old client then fiver will rank me??

May be, your prices are high, or content was not clear.

Edit gigs and make sure it is simple as possible so that a lay man can also understand.

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Bro my gig is Ranking If I edit my gig and then took 1/2 order from my old client my gig will rank again?


as I mentioned no one can tell you for a fact that you gig will or will not rank/“derank”.

If you need to make changes then make changes.

You are looking for simple “tricks” and fiverr doesn’t work like that. Your gig might not even be taken out of search after you edit it.

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