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Feelt like a butchers-festival.

Unbelivable :slight_smile:

I am a Germany & Argentina supporter, but I want this but not 7:1 :"> lets see whats happen tomorrow :wink:

:(( Brazil and Argentina my favourite team

Brazil were going to lose from the first kick. their defending has been terrible the whole tournament and they were all all over the place and the writing was on the wall from the way MĂĽller scored the first goal. To be honest I do not think Argentina are much better and will not be surprised if Holland take them to the cleaners.

Reply to @pubudurox: Argentinia is going home tonight I think.

Reply to @markp: Everybody was just in shook and then they stopped playing altogether. I was not sure If I was dreaming or if this was a TV prank. Then I was thinking is this the World cup or my neighborhood soccer club playing against Germany. If I had bet on this, 7:1 I would be rich! So much pressure on the poor Bazillions, and I almost cried with them, but then naaaahhhhh

Germany is going to bring it home this year

Reply to @mimie01: Argentinia won

Reply to @mimie01: i think germany lost final

Your opinion needed on this. Is this justified?

Reply to @pubudurox: Agentinia played better then the Netherlands…it was such a boring game, I feel asleep…But Agentinia will be a good match

Reply to @pubudurox: We will see…

Stay strong, he is spitting hot air. If you can not deliver the work and you are returning the money, CS has nothing they can do. Considering the treat about the Forum, don’t bother, since usernames are not allowed to be posted.

Keep cancelling the order if you can not do it and then remove it from your gig discription. Its not fair to offer something you cant fullfile.

Reply to @topgraphic: contact fiverr customer support team and explain this case with screen shot

i think fiverr team accept cancel this order

Reply to @pubudurox: Thanks for your reply!

Thanks for your input! I would like to share the later part of this circumstance. I requested cancellation request 27 times, and the buyer was so silly that he declined the request the same number of times. Several days have passed but the contact support members haven’t contacted me yet.

So what i did to cancel the order. This is a good idea although may be not apt for some:

I got his contact info from his messages and G.o.o.g.l.e.; made fake pages in Fb and t.w.i.t.t.e.r and then contacted him in a way tantamount to back blackmailing. This was the last option available to me. I even registered his email ID to various newsletters that are a real headache as they cannot be unsubscribed.

PS: What i did is not apt, but did so, so that the buyer learns how to shop in Fiverr. Sometimes doctors prescribe bitter medicines to cure fatal diseases.

You must feel even better right now than you did during that 7-1 :slight_smile:

Does anybody has anymore questions now???