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£7.95 for a

So what has happened to fiverr?? Sellers have seemed to expect people to pay for the above quota?

I joined fiverr 3 years ago, seemed are really good place to go and get help for a project £3.50 it was then $5.00 (yeah thats right a fiverr) funny how that seemed to work out like that eh…

But now its like £7.95 for 50% of the gigs.

Come on seller’s at least show some respect to the platform and at least offer something reasonable to for $5, it can be a smaller version of a 7.95 gig but it keeps the same principle in your package and your place of work in (Fiverr). I’ve bought a few gig of late and to be honest the standard has been shocking, I am working from a budget and cant just throw money at a gig that is over 100% more than what is used to be. What is happening now is that most of the good sellers are increasing the price and the cowboy’s are having a great time ripping people off. Its not all about your own pockets give a little back to your respectful customers out there.


There are plenty of great sellers, including TRS, that still offer $5 gigs. Buyers have to do a little homework to find them.


You do understand, that in normal agency you would pay hundreds of pounds for simple things, and definitely tents of pound just for the mouse moving?


Most sellers still sell gigs that start at $5. Some of us raise our prices because that’s what we’re worth, there’s nothing wrong with doing that.


Why should we have to do research to find them, its cleary says “fiverr” in the url which give me the impression I will paying a $5. [quote=“deesajn, post:3, topic:116771”]
in normal agency you would pay hundreds of pounds for simple things, and definitely tents of pound just for the mouse moving?

Yep, I understand that but that why I come to “fiverr” because it’s not an agency its a place for the buyer to be able to come and afford any gig available which should start at $5 not £7.95. This is my point sellers…likely newer sellers have rallied to increase there prices over 100% more than what it once was…how long have you been selling on fiverr for deesajn?[quote=“lunawolf61, post:4, topic:116771”]
Some of us raise our prices because that’s what we’re worth, there’s nothing wrong with doing that.

Ok, well go and work for an agency then and get your worth because all you are doing is allowing cowboys to sneak in a sell $5 gig’s to people still believing that they can get good copy for that price…fiverr should either remove the $5 option to get rid of the people pretending to be skilled and weed them out or bring back a must have $5 option for every gig seller.

Well, $ is decreasing, Fiverr takes 20%.
While I do understand simple works for $5 and of course I don’t know what do you usually buy, you just can’t live and pay bills for $4, even in India it’s not that much. I can tell you from my point of view, for $5 you will get copy and paste (graphic design) in 99.99% cases.


The earnings from a $5r job don’t buy me a beer in a pub over here.

You’re not willing to buy me a beer, OP?


Oh, in Poland you could buy 4 even 5 beers for $4 (come visit Poland), but electricity is so expensive that you wouldn’t buy it much for $4. And guess what, computers runs on electricity!


I used to sell main course restaurant meals for 7.95 in the UK which would cost 2.50 max to prepare. Next time you go to Wetherspoons or even somewhere pretending to be a bit fancy, try asking to pay the cost price for what you want to order and see if anybody gives you the time of day.


Did I just see 3 years ago somewhere?

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I can get a beer in my local pub for $8,36 and as $1.60 ends up in my pocket on a 5 dollar gig i would only need to do a bit more than 5 gigs. Though it would cost me $12 to get to my office and back to do the 5 gigs so i would need to do 13 gigs that day if i want to go to the pub but when id be done the pub would already closed.


Finland, huh? I’m so sorry :wink:

Yep Finland. Guess bureaucrats around here dont seem to like or understand online freelancers so they keep on adding mandatory fees and taxes.

Maybe you should show some respect to quality. If you would be willing to invest more the a 5r, MAYBE the standard wouldn’t be so shocking. I am not sure what kind of services you recently bought but what are you expecting to get for a 5r?

I live in the US where a good loaf of bread costs about $4. That’s a gig for me after Fiverr takes it’s share. Now how long do you think I should be working for a loaf of bread? Probably not 1 hour right?

Come on lets be fair here. What would you sell for a 5r, or how much time would you invest to earn $5?


I had an issue where someone contacted me to transcribe 2 hours of audio, when I asked about the budget, I was slapped with with 5$ max. I was like “yes I can do that for you but first transcribe 1 hour 55minutes then send me the rest to transcribe at a max budget of 5$”


Old seller increasing price but new seller don’t. there are many new seller giving quality service. you need to find them. Before buy gig check their quality. see their past work.

Wow, that’s sad. (Must be 20)

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As you are a UK buyer, you can allow approx 25% of that price increase for you to Brexit.
So what used to cost you £3.50 just a year ago without any increase from a Fiverr seller would cost you £4.40 now.
Throw in some inflation in the cost of basics such as food, accommodation, etc and you can really expect the cost to be £5.50-6, just for sellers to maintain the value of their earnings in the past 3-4 years.
You may also find that as Fiverr became more and more of a platform where professionals worked, the reality is that they pay taxes on their earnings - most places 20-40% - but on the plus side, you can expect more professionalism and a wider range of services.
With taxes, we are now at around £7.50 - just to keep real income at the same level as 3-4 years ago.
So your complaint is essentially reduced to around £0.45, a price increase of less than 10% for a service which offers far more professionalism, variety and choice than it did in the past.

Sorry, but general complaints about Fiverr prices being too high are just laughable. As standard, the prices here are 50% less than elsewhere and with some exploration you can increase the savings to 60-70%. Sure, you may find some sellers offering overpriced services but you will find a lot more offering underpriced services. [quote=“johnnyboy34, post:1, topic:116771”]
Its not all about your own pockets give a little back to your respectful customers out there.
Are you serious? It seems like it is all about YOUR pockets - give a little more to the professional suppliers out there. Nobody has any interest in providing you a service that costs them more time/effort than it is worth.

If you want further savings, consider buying in bulk. When someone buys a $5 service from me, it is a loss. With just a couple of messages about the order, the time taken to complete it doubles but the price stays the same. If you come to a seller and having checked the quality of work with a $5 order, you place a larger order of $50+, you may then be considered to get a bit more for your money.


we all know reviews can be fraudulent, so I would not believe everything that’s said on them.

BUT TO BE HONEST…I can see this is a seller bashing that’s happening here and its funny how none of you still really get the point! lol

“Fiverr has become a great place for individuals and businesses from around the world for outsourcing small tasks for relatively small amount of cash. Imagine that you are a marketing company from Spain and you need a sound in English for a short video, describing your product. You can hire a professional translator who can do the job, but most probably you would pay big for this… You can also find a gig by a native speaker, offering the same service. You pay $5”

“They wanted to create a place, where people can sell their skills to the world, without even leaving their homes. The price of $5 dollars was set for each offer, so everything on the site gets affordable for a broad range of people from around the world”

.ah man…i love abit of research.

Yes, but understand that there is a big difference between “affordable” and “quality”. Decide which one you want. That is all we are trying to tell you.

And don’t talk to us about research if you had to make a post about what a hard time it was trying to find something here for $5… Haha.