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7 Days gone but not getting any orders

Hi. How are you all? I have submitted my last project 7 days ago.
In the last 7 days don’t know why not getting that much buyer request and no orders. I don’t know what happened, Are buyers getting low nowadays?

Suggest me your experiences

Are you taking the time to market and promote your services directly to the target customers who need your services? If you want more customers, it is wise to go out and find them.


Yes. As a full time freelancer I spend 12-14 hours a day. Can you suggest how can I find my targeted customers?

Alright… what kind of marketing and promotion are you doing for those “12-14 hours a day”. Certainly, with that much promotional time, you should be a marketing genius! :wink:

As a new seller, I don’t know that much marketing ways. Just sharing my gigs on social media and wait for buyer request.

that’s the hardest part (get buyers), that’s why you have to manage those hours well, where you can find people who use (the work you sell).
They have not spent many days either, it continues working in purple and the clients will come.

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This may be of interest to you: Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here's How - UPYOUR


Perhaps now is a good time to learn, instead of sitting back, waiting, and doing nothing.

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