7 days gone on fiverr, No order, No Knock :(


I have seven days of experience in fiverr today. But I’m not getting any order from the client. Everyday I send 10 Buyer Request but not get response for them.
any seller can help?


Keep patients… It will came…


Just 7 days and you are getting frustrated. Have patience I will come definitely if your gig is unique and fulfills the demand in the market.
I got my first order on very first day.I completed my order and client got satisfied but he forgot to give rating because I completed his order just in conversation period.He paid me but I didn’t get review. There after I waited 2 years. In fact I have almost disconnected from fiverr but I don’t know why one day I created one of my unique gig I was not aware that it has market demand and now I am getting orders on regular interval.
So have patience It’s just the beginning of your journey.



Thanks for your nice tips


I’m working on Fiverr from more than one year but got only 6 orders and my buyers gave me good reviews with 5 stars but not getting orders regularly I’m also worried :weary:


I know it’s really hard to get orders, make sure your gig is perfect, no grammar mistakes, your offering is unique in some way, so you don’t have 100 competitors, etc.


According to me my gigs are perfect but don’t know why not I’m getting orders :sob::sob:


If you type “how to write a buyer request” in the search bar above there are lots of posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.


The thing is that gigs need to be perfect according to the potential buyers of whatever one offers. Always look at your gigs with the eye of the buyer you want to attract, not with your own. Easier said than done, I know, it’s always difficult to be objective about one’s own stuff, but try.
(this was in reply to misswasnani’s post, lloydsolutions posted while I still typed, though it is universally valid too :))


Victory loves Prudence. You only join fiverr 7 days which is a very short time.
Perhaps you may love to read this post for inspiration.


which gig brings order for u ?


Hello sujon :slight_smile:

It took me a month to get my first client. When i finally got my first client they started comming at least one per day.

I also send my 10 buyers requests per day and only sometimes i am lucky, since its a lot of people sending requests. Pay attention when sending your’s, dont just send a pre-written message just like everybody else. Send a message for that client, talk about his needs.

And most important be online the major part of your day. Buyers want/need quick responses. So you can use the app when going out.

Well that is it. Hope it works for you! :slight_smile:


thanks for your tips. I try to follow your all tricks.


Wow nice Lisa Henriques tips, I am also a newbie in here.
Thanks for tips.


Keep patients, i get my First order after three months of creating Fiverr Account


“Change skin color black to white and white to black naturally” .
This gig brings me order.


Mr. You are funny. Just seven days and you are shouting. Just keep using buyer request section frequently.


Wow, three months? That’s a long wait!


Same problem is happening with me, Sometimes I also became Frustrated but now i’m trying to connect more on social media, So keep your social media marketing high & higher, & that will work soon.