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7 days, no orders or messages

So its been a week since I posted 3 gigs here on Fiver. I have average impressions, but no messages, queries or orders. Is this normal? Should I be worried? I’ve shared it on my social media accounts as well but - nothing. Are my prices too high? Or are my gigs not good enough? Are they not ranking well on search results? Incorrect keywords? What could be the issue here?

Please check out my page and let me know how I can improve guys.

Thanks so much.


Well. Welcome Newbie.:slight_smile:

You need to understand that the category of your service is a very competitive one and you must stay innovative to enable you get a chance to be patronized by any of the buyers out there.

I visited one of your gig which offers web design service for $50 basic fee.

Here’re some suggestions

  1. do your research on other sellers - see what they are selling and how they describe their services

  2. Use the FIVERR ACADEMY It would do you much good if you do

  3. Use video as well on your gigs - it increases your chances of getting exposed and getting jobs.

  4. Use the buyer request feature…as a newbie that is one major opportunity you can take advantage of in increasing your chances of getting job(s).

  5. I stayed the first month without getting any jobs. That’s because I did nothing but was expecting someone to fall from the sky and order my service. After 30 days, I learned that there’s more to getting jobs than that.

  6. Take advantage of forums and groups - big groups targeted at what you offer.

  7. You have to grow beyond seeing Fiverr as a means to get rich quick. Enjoy the ride as long as it lasts. That after 7 days you haven’t gotten any job yet isn’t new to anyone here. Enjoy it. See it as an opportunity to learn what works and what doesn’t…

I can go on and on and on, but use the advice i’ve shared here…It’d help you a great deal.


Thanks mate. Will definitely consider all those advices. Im still learning things around here.

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Same Case was with me also, last month i got some $$. Thanks @Fiverr

@rupom339 you copied my reply :confused:

Thank you all for motivation. I am also new here, listening to every suggestion I can read. Thanks again :slight_smile:

I am also new here buti have view and also have impression But no one order me …Any one can suggest me how can i increase my sell??

same situation -.- 0 seels 2 views

15 days no order no work.

Hello there!
First of all welcome to the community.
I think all my fellow sellers have given you all the tips and tricks, so I would like to just add something.

All it takes is patience. It took me three months to make a good start. What I’ve been doing is always thinking what i can do to improve my gigs. The Fiverr academy is a great source. Having a good gig (what you can offer) is good but you should also ensure your customers that they will have a good service. You should let them be your priority.

Getting your first order isn’t easy with the competition. To prove yourself you can give them “free bonuses” or “free trials” and upload samples of your previous work on your gigs if you have them.

With this I wish you best of luck! :slight_smile:

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