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7 Gigs You Should Check Out

I offer a series of handmade little companions for you to wear or offer as a unique gift. From pandas to owls and everything in between:

1.The Cute Wearable Owl

This is a great gift for those who love the mysterious owls and the wisdom they inspire, and, let’s face it, they are pretty cute.

2.The Lovely Wearable Cats

Cats break the internet, they are the best furry things to have around. Be interesting and get your wearable cat.

3. The Totoro Accesory

If you love anime, you know who Totoro is. If you don’t, well, Totoro is the forest spirit and he’s lovable and cute, go watch the anime now!

4. Roses

Ok, Mr.Fancypants, you want something elegant and pretty not the kawaii stuff I mentioned above. Well, you are in luck because I have these lovely Rose accessories that start from $5 and make women pretty.

5. Wearable Girl That Looks Like You

OMG women love this stuff and so will your girlfriend, trust me. I never had complains. I can make them pretty detailed and they can have any colors or details you want.

6. Illustrations That You Can Wear

Yeah, these are pretty awesome and people love the cute faces they have. Definitely try one, it’s the perfect hipster gift.

7.There’s more, but you have to check it out yourself. - See more at: