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7 months of my application for Fiverr Pro

In mid-August 2020 I completed my Fiverr Pro application, I had many contracts for the page and as usual, no negatives and all 5 stars. Like to give a bit of context.
Submit 2 tickets and both with the same response: “We’ll look at your application!”

The question: How long does it take approximately to look at the application for Fiverr Pro? Can it take months? Years?
It’s been 7 months and nothing.


And most never make it.

source (end of page): Fiverr Pro - Find the Top Freelancers in Fiverr

I know, but 1% pass the vetting process, I mean, at some point they will have to answer my petition

The search function here on the forums is… tricky to use, sometimes, but: Search results for 'pro application reject year' - Fiverr Community Forum

Ok, I will search! Thanks!