7 months on fiverr and 25 sales


Hi I’m on friverr since August 2016 and not a very good response.
can anyone tell me how can i increase my orders rate or increase my sell?


Hey! Good to meet you, @kiranrazzaq.

It depends a lot on what services you are offering, the quality, the way you present your services (the writing and if you have examples to showcase) and of course the price you request for your services.

I would say there’s no simple solution or simple answer to this. It just depends on a lot of factors. But if you don’t give up and continue spending more time on the site, creating new gigs and being nice to clients, trying to asssist them, too, and not only sell something to them, you will eventually get moving on sales! Don’t give up! :clap: :+1: :slight_smile:



Thank you so much, Im a graphic designer my gigs represent what i offer and im always being patience and kind to my clients but the issues is suddenly the rate of coming orders decrease badly. :frowning: