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You say you are the best content writers on Fiverr. However, I can’t help but notice that there are several spelling mistakes in your original post. It just doesn’t seem like good English. If I was picking a content writer that would be my first requirement, perfect English.

My gigs may not have all the added frills and bonuses of yours, but I guarantee 100% quality writing.

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Reply to @rmcpherson1:

I was thinking the same thing; Now, I’m never one to bash on another writer’s work, however, I do feel it’s rather important to maintain nothing less than excellent vocabulary in an “ad” claiming you’re the best writer(s) on Fiverr…

Reply to @rmcpherson1: Yes oh my god, my eyes hurt from the second sentence. I hate it when people don’t even take the time to read their text again. I read my gigs all the time and always make even slight adjustments. And I don’t even offer writing gigs…